Fundamental Fields Included into Geometry in Sixteen Space-time Dimensions

Strumia, Alberto (2020) Fundamental Fields Included into Geometry in Sixteen Space-time Dimensions. In: Theory and Practice of Mathematics and Computer Science Vol. 4. B P International, pp. 71-95. ISBN 978-93-90431-42-7

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An alternative to Kaluza-Klein seld unication is presented, in sixteen space-time dimensions,
including bosons and fermions into the metric tensor components. We associate each fundamental
interaction and matter seld (vector potential) to an eigenvector of the metric tensor of a 16-
dimensional space-time manifold. Field equations arise involving Einstein, Maxwell and Yang-Mills
equations for the fundamental interactions and the spinors. Field connement within the observable
4-dimensional space-time is obtained by a suitable gauge choice in the extra space dimensions. Nonvanishing
rest masses of the particles involved is provided by the scalar gauge eld(s) which may
be interpreted as a Higgs boson(s). A cosmological solution is also examined leading to space-time

atness. Dark matter and dark energy appear to be hidden into the the extra dimensional eld
components and the cosmological constant. Conjectures for quantization of the gravitational eld
are also attempted.

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